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2009 Melon Music Awards

The first ever Melon Music Awards and here are the results:

2009 Song : S.N.S.D - Gee
2009 Album: G-Dragon - Heartbreaker
2009 Artist: S.N.S.D
2009 New Artist: 2NE1
2009 Star: TVXQ
2009 Mania: TVXQ - Mirotic
2009 Current Stream: Kim Tae Woo - Love Rain
2009 Smart Radio: S.N.S.D
2009 Odyssey: S.N.S.D - Gee
2009 Mobile Music: S.N.S.D
2009 Sudden Rise: LeeSSang
2009 Song Writer: Bang Shi Hyuk
2009 Y-Star Live: Lee Seung Chul
2009 Top 10:
Kara, K.Will, 2PM, SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls, 8eight, 2NE1, Davichi, G-Dragon, Super Junior

2009 Golden Disk Awards

Disk Daesang Award: Super Junior

Digital Daesang Award: Girls' Generation

Disk Bonsang Award (Best Album Equivalent):
Winner: SUPER JUNIOR - Sorry, Sorry
Winner: Drunken Tiger - Feel Ghood Muzik : The 8th Wonder
Winner: 2PM - 1집정규앨범 - Hottest Time of the Day
Winner: Lee Seung Chul - Mutopia
Winner: Baek Ji Young

Digital Bonsang Award (Best Single Equivalent) 
Winner: DAVICHI - Davichi In Wonderland
Winner: Son Dambi - Type B
Winner: SNSD - Gee (The First Mini Album)
Winner: Baek Ji Young - My Ear's Candy
Winner: Lee Seung Gi

Hip-Hop / Rap Award: Epik High

Samsung YEPP Popularity Award: SHINee, Super Junior 

Rock Award: Jang Gi Ha and Faces

Newcomer Award: 4minute, T-ara

CONGRATS! WOW! Notice the difference between GDA and MAMA? SM is back in the house. G-Dragon and 2NE1 didn't get anything and the most surprising, 2NE1 didn't get the newcomer award.

Okay, HOTTESTS YOU MAY SCREAM! *Covers Ears!* OMG! Aren't you excited? 2PM's new album has been released. Titled, 1:59PM, What's the meaning behind it? LOL! Anyways, it's a great album with great songs and I would like to compliment Heartbeat from the bottom of my heart! Anyways, you're Tired Of Waiting for me to stop rambling right? Anyways, here's my review of the album. Again suggested songs are in bold!Oh and note to those who are boycotting the album because of Jaebeom. Please don't boycott. 2PM is still 2PM. It's unfair to the rest of the members. It's not only Jaebeom who works hard! It's everyone else. Boycotting the products would truly be unfair and instead we should support the remaining members and just let Jaebeom's issue resolve itself! Jaebeom Hwaiting, but in general 2PM HWAITING!

1:59 PM
Can you feel my heartbeat?

1. My Heart
The intro. I happen to like it! I love the WHY? WHY? It's just a hot intro! VERY HOT! I can't stop it now. I don't know why I'm like this. I'm still into you. My heart is still beating .. for you. GOD! The English is pretty good too. Anyways, NEXT!

2. Heartbeat
OMG! This song is the definition of sexy, hot, and unique! God, I can't stop listening to this song! It's just so good! JYP, You are so awesome! JYP also known as Park Jin Young personally produced this song and you know what, IT'S IMPRESSIVE! The background uses the heartbeats of the actual members! GOD THIS SONG IS LIKE HEAVEN! IT'S SO GOOD! 

3. Tired Of Waiting (기다리다 지친다)
Another great song! I do prefer Heartbeat more though! Great beat! It sounds too much like Betrayed. They just recycled the beats and pitches and stuff, but anyways it's good! :D

4. I Was Crazy About You (너에게 미쳤었다)
I really love the beginning, with the footsteps + splashing! It sets up such a great beat for the song. I love the beginning a lot, especially the part where the part where they say "She's Gone" (Is that what they're saying?). Anyways, great song! I didn't like it that much at first, but now I know it's great! :D

5. Gimme The Light
Maybe it's just because I love 2PM, but this song isn't bad either. It's pretty good being that many other albums just B.S. songs to fill in space and this song is actually really good. GIMME THE LIGHT GIMME THE LIGHT! :D Check plus!

6. Back 2U
Yup, This one's good too! Next!

7. All Night Long
This one's not bad. Except the English in the beginning sounds a bit weird. I like the song! The melody is pretty!

8. Heartbeat (Red Light Mix)
Not the best song. I'm not too fond with Korean remixes. No offense, but I've heard many remixes of Korean songs and they sound too O.D.ed. This one's not that bad! It's acceptable, but big difference from the original

9. 10점 만점에 10점
No need to explain. This song is self-explanatory.

10. Only You (Acoustic Mix)
Again with the remixes. Next!

11. Again & Again
Once again, self explanatory. NEXT!

12. 니가밉다 (Lounge Mix)
Remixes Issue - NEXT

13. 돌아올지도 몰라 (Bossa Nova Mix)
Same issue! :D

Anyways, show your support by buying their album. I'm doing that next week. 

Well, the results are out! For those of you Hottests out there, GET READY TO SCREAM! WOOT! Anyways, here are the results to this year's MAMA!

MAMA Results:
(M.net Asian Music Awards)

Artist Of The Year: 2PM
Song Of The Year: I Don't Care (2NE1)
Album Of The Year: Heartbreaker
Best Male Group: 2PM
Best Female Group: Brown Eyed Girls
Best MV: Fire (2NE1)
Music Portal Mnet Award: 2NE1
Best Asian Composer: Park Jin Young
Female Singer: Baek Ji Young
Male Singer: Drunken Tiger
Best Asian Star / Best Representative of Asia: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Ballad / R&B Award: Love Rain (Kim Tae Woo)
House & Electronic Award: Abracadabra (Brown Eyed Girls)

Asia Recommended Group (China): Lollipop (Bang Bang Tang)
Asia Recommended Group (Japan): AKB48
Rock Music Award – BuHwal (생각이나)
Hip Hop Group Award – LeeSsang (헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자)
Best Mixed Group – 8eight
Dance Music Award: KARA (Honey)
Trot Music Award - Hong Jin Yeong (Love’s Battery)
Best Female Newcomer: 2NE1
Best Male Newcomer: Supreme Team

Now for the big question: WERE THESE RESULTS FAIR? 

There has been a lot of controversy over the distribution of the daesangs. For example 2NE1 winning the Song of the Year. Was it really the most popular song? I mean yes, it was a good song, and yes it was popular, but is it right for a rookie group to get the award and being that there were other songs that could match I Don't Care. No doubt they were the best newcomers but seriously. I love how allkpop uses the Tell ME vs. Lies issue! 

Now for G-Dragon winning Album of the Year! Okay Heartbreaker was the winner based on sales, but besides sales and profit (cough cough) there are many other factors to account for. For example was the album appropriate. It's not for minors! Another thing, ALL THAT CONTROVERSY BEHIND IT! What is Mnet trying to do? Raise controversy for higher ratings? Seriously, not all the songs on the album were good and I feel that the album is highly overrated. I would prefer Sorry Sorry over it, but of course we must account for the Mnet VS. SME thing in this issue! But still, was it appropriate for G-Dragon to win that award? Did he deserve it? Notice how YG has two of the main awards (Mnet is a shareholder of YG! COUGH COUGH COUGH!) Anyways, once again debatable! To be honest G-Dragon scares me so, no thank you! 

Okay, now for 2PM, DID THEY DESERVE IT? In my opinion, I'm pretty happy they won! GO 2PM! I don't really agree with the points made by allkpop, but of course allkpop did make good points? What did 2PM do this year that was an extremely special accomplishment? (In my opinion I Hate You definitely made a difference and of course their recent album too!) I mean 2PM did deserve it, but I know a lot of comments will be said about this because of the spread love for artists and all the controversy! So again DEBATABLE!

Now as for T.V.X.Q, was the reason they showed up because Mnet now has their backs? Was this to raise controversy and aid Mnet's grudge against SME? I don't know, but you know what? The appearance of the three members has great significance and I can't stress my appreciation for allkpop's deep analysis of this issue! Seriously? I mean seriously? When will this stupid thing end already? Mnet wants to distribute, but you know what Mnet? SME has a choice. You don't hate someone because they don't aid your profit! Same for SME! These two companies, all they care about it PROFIT! Once again, this stupid issue is getting on my nerves.

Please comment and go on allkpop for more info! 

newSS501 fans, you may now scream! *COVERS EARS* Anyways, yes, you too should be excited! SS501's new mini album, Rebirth has been released! This mini album is just amazing: catchy and catchy! Once again, suggested songs are in bold!

OMG! This song is hot! I love the soft and pretty piano part in the beginning! The hey fits in well, but the se se part is just weird for some reason! Anyways disregard the part with the se se. Anyways, I love how they build up on the beat in the song. The chorus is hot! It's catchy! It's just WOOT! You'll love the song! Period! NEXT!

2. Love Like This (네게로)
I know you people will love this song! Well at least I love it! This song is currently my ringtone, so is there really a need for an explanation? Woah that sounded so mean! Bad! LOL! Anyways, very catchy song, very very catchy! Once again it's stylish! I really love this song and I love it as much as I love Wasteland! LOVE NAEGE WA, NEON LIKE THIS, SO LOVE, GIDARAIN NEORAN GIRL, TRUE LOVE! OMG THIS SONG IS SEXY! WOOT! Okay, I should stop! I'm totally overreacting over a song! Or maybe it's just that good? Yup! It is! :D

3. 하루만
This song has the opposite mood of the first two songs, Wasteland and Love Like This! This song is more like the "traditional" SS501! This song is so beautiful, though the chorus is not as beautiful as I wanted. It's a bit nasal and I feel like it could be better, but it's fine! I feel that the sudden dramatic piano part after the first chorus is slightly weird, but whatever! Just listen to it! It wont hurt you!

4. Obsess (중동...)
Not an overly big fan of this song! It's okay! Not the best but it'll pass for being a good song. I'm obsessed with you, wanna be with you! The English is so weird especially the accent on sessed that makes it sound like shessed with you with a a weird tone. LOL! It's okay! :D

5. 완.두.콩.
I don't know why, but I tend to have a love for these romantic sounding guitar parts! God I'm so girly! :D It just seems so sweet and touching! The vocals aren't bad! I like this song! This song is really sweet! The chorus is not as pretty as I expected, but from Monday to Sunday night~ It's fine! :D Anyways I hope you like this song!

By the way, it makes me laugh, how Hyun Joong looks so funny in this album cover! He's in the middle for those of you who are having trouble figuring out where he is!

The purchase link to the album is here: 

This singer has an amazing voice! For those of you who don't know him, he is Seo In Guk, the winner of Superstar K! He has finally made his debut with his mini album Calling You! Okay, let's tell you about the songs! The songs in bold are suggested!

1. Young Love
I really have to say that the intro of this song is hot! The beat and the groove is awesome! The chorus is somewhat disappointing, but it's still a good song, I guess. It's okay, we'll treat this song as an intro! :D

2. Calling You (부른다)
This song is just hot! The beginning is pretty and calm with a good beat! Then, OMG! The chorus is just beautiful! He really does have a great voice and then my favorite part - the O-o-O-o-Os! God! They remind me of Alicia Keys! Wait is that good or bad? Anyways, it's just such a pretty part and you would rarely hear a dude with a song part like that, so it's just more special! Anyways, listen to it! It does get slightly annoying when you listen to much, but you'll manage!

3. 아름다운 이별
It's an okay song! It's pretty and it has a sort of lullaby flow to it. The background music is calming. The chorus isn't the best, but of course you'll manage! His vocals are pretty! Anyways, there you go!

Enjoy! At least I hope you do! :D

2NE1 fans, you guys are probably excited for this because 2NE1's Park Bom has released her first solo digital single, You & I! This song is absolutely beautiful because no matter what happens, even when the sky is falling down, I'll promise you that I'll never let you go! Wait, what? Sorry 'bout that! LOL! Not only is the song good, but so is the music video! It's so touching. Park Bom really has a great voice, a really unique one too! You and I, together, it just feels so right~ Okay! Just make sure to check it out! It's a digital single, so there's no purchase link available! :D Enjoy! Bravo! Congratz to Park Bom!

Well, SHINee fans are going to be excited, because their mini album, 2009,Year Of Us has been released! Now I will provide you with the tracklisting for EP and what I think about the song! Recommended Songs will be Italicized!

1. Y.O.U

The first track, Y.O.U is recommended because it's a good song. -.- That was nonsense! LOL! Anyways, this song is very unique. It brings back feelings of the past, the music the kind of melody, and other factors! But, WOW! this song is hot and I can even go as far as saying this song is sexy! LOL! The chorus is just amazing. I think you'll like this song! :D Most likely, you'll like it!

2. Ring Ding Dong
The second track, also the title track Ring Ding Dong is also recommended! This song is just so unique! The beats and style are pretty different for the usual SHINee songs we hear! Plus this song is extremely catchy and yes, this one is HOT! WOOT! LOL! The melody and music fits so well together! Go SHINee! Also, for those who think that Juliette failed (I didn't), this song probably made up for it right? I don't care! I'll take that as yes! LOL! Anyways, I hope you love the song 'cause it's FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC ELASTIC ELASTIC ELASTIC ELASTIC!

3. Jo Jo
This third track, Jo Jo is not as unique as the first two songs, but you know what it's a good song anyways! I don't really want to elaborate that much on this song, because I feel like promoting the top two songs are enough, but you know what? I love this song, so I'll do it for the sake of it! :D I love the chorus and once again this song reminds us of the past, not as much as Y.O.U, but still HOTNESS! This song has a more "cool" feeling! Anyways, you'll love this one too!

4. Get Down
To be very honest this song has good beats, but I'm not that fond of it. I mean the beginning is pretty, but then the song gets weird! It's just not that good! i mean the melody can get pretty at parts, but then this song isn't typically my favorite! I like it though, but it's just not as good as the first 3 songs!

5. SHINee Girl
Once again same as Get Down, not typically my style, but it's okay! I like this one too, but it's once again not as good as the first three songs! 

6.내가 사랑했던 이름
I love the fact that this song is piano and guitar accompaniment. I find that both instruments sound great together. I would recommend this song because it's pleasing to hear. It's such a romantic song and at a part I felt so touched by the singing. Awkward for a boy to say! LOL! :D Anyways, enjoy it! If you can't read the Korean tell me! I'll post the English title! I should just do it now, but I don't bother! LOL! OH AND I FORGOT! Beautiful high notes at the end!

Enjoy the mini album! It's great!  SHINee FTW!
Here is the album cover: One thing: I really don't like the hair in this thing!

Here is the link to purchasing the album from YesAsia!

Like the songs? Don't like them? Comment!

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